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Accessibility for Coxwood Holiday Cottages Website

Standards Compliance

Coxwood Holiday Cottages website aims to conform to:

Browser compatibility

Coxwood Holiday Cottages website has been tested on many browsers.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 5.5 upwards
  • Netscape Navigator Version 7.1 upwards
  • Mozilla 1.5 upwards
  • Firefox upwards
  • Opera 6 upwards
  • Google Chrome
  • Screen sizes from 800x600 to 1280x1024
Coxwood Holiday Cottages website relies on CSS2, which is unsupported on old browsers - IE 4 / Netscape 4 and below. It can still be accessed on these browsers but with no styling applied.


  • For those using screen readers, at the start of each page there is the option to skip to the content
  • The pages on this website are all print-friendly - just the page content will appear on any printouts you make - no banners, navigation bars or pictures!
  • All pages are designed using CSS - tables are kept to a minimum
  • All text is assigned a relative font size - this means that you can resize the text if you want to
  • All informational images have been assigned descriptive ALT text

Resizing the text

To increase the text size:

  • Internet Explorer: View » Text size or Page » Zoom/Text Size
  • Firefox: View » Text size or View » Zoom
  • Opera: File » Preferences » Fonts » Minimum font size (pixels) or Menu » Page » Zoom
  • Google Chrome: Customise & Control » Zoom

Alternatively, scroll with the wheel of your mouse whilst holding down the control key.